Scheduling Notice:

I require at least 72 hours notice for domestic travel engagements, and longer notice is always preferred. international travel requires at least one week notice. 

Initial Packages:

West Coast domestic  travel requires a minimun of 6 hrs booking and Midwest or East Coast 12 hours.  

International travel requires 48 hours  booking or longer.

Staying Fresh:

On mulitiple day packages I appreciate 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night as well as  2-3 hours of personal time per day to relax, go to the gym, recharge and refresh. 

Deposit & Expenses:

A discreet 50% deposit is required for all exclusive trips. Fly Me To Your Event packages for destinations outside of the Unites States require full payment plus travel expenses prior to our trip. I won't receive money outside of American boarders. 

Airfare (Nonstop/direct flight for West Coast trips.  Business class for Midwest & East Coast), hotel cost (4 or 5 stars) and transportation to and from airport must also be paid in advance and are not included in the above fees. International travel requires 1st class or business class airfare.

Cancellation Policy:

These trips require 14-day notice or the deposit is forfeited. 
Deposits are non refundable, but if given notice funds  may be applied to a future date within 6 months (if airline/hotel allows minus any rebooking fees).

Traveling Adventures

I am available for travel nationwide.

For international travel, if we haven't met before, I'd prefer having a dinner meeting or longer engagement to discuss the details of our adventure.

I am based in Las Vegas and rarely tour other cities. When I do travel , tour dates can be found on my calendar 

or by visiting my Twitter feed @VIPSensualSofia.

 Sin City might be beckoning you to my presence, but you just can’t squeeze a trip into your schedule. Fortunately, you can fly the best slice of Las Vegas directly to your door! 

Imagine your next business trip with something more than meetings and conference rooms to look forward to… because you brought ME along to spice things up!  Your next vacation is sure to be your most memorable with me alongside as your lusty companion. Adventure beckons us!

Travel Packages

West Coast - Minimum 6hr Short & Sweet Escape - $2600 

Is sure to leave you wanting more. (Some logistical limits apply to this booking package)

Minimum Traveling  Package for East Coast and Midwest -Clock Free Day  -  $5,000 

I fly in the previous night and sleep by myself to be fully rested to our day together. We meet in the morning, and enjoy the entire day until late evening.

Clock Free Day + Overnight   -  $6,500

We enjoy the entire day together, and allow the evening to linger into a blissful night . Our morning is guaranteed to start off beautifully before we part.

2 Day Trip  -   $8000

We spend 2 days exploring the town & each other.( 2 days & 1 night)

Weekend Delight Friday to Sunday - $9000

Weekends were made to recharge and to release. A weekend spent with me is an incredibly high yielding investment in your well being.

5  to 7  Days of Absolute Debauchery  -  $15,000 to $20,000

This one week is sure to make the other 51 in your year pale in comparison. I prepared this particular engagement for VIP clients who receive VIP treatment every moment of our time together. YOU deserve to spend a week that will stay with us forever. 

Couture packages are available.   Let’s design our own adventure!
Packages are not limited to those listed above. Inquiries regarding personally designed plans are encouraged. 

Where should we go for our getaway?

Traveling is one of my passions and I am  happy to revisit places I've been to before. There's always something new and fascinating to see .

Despite being an avid  world traveler, I haven't seem much of the United States and would love to have a gentleman showing me some of its highlights and his favorite spots.

Not all getaways have to be to exotic or far away places, but in case you are curious to know what eye-catching places are on my travel wish list,  here are some of my top choices:

In The USA

-Kentucky Derby 

-I absolutely adore Miami and South Beach is always a great idea . I would specially love to stay at The Villa  Casa Causuarina, Gianni Versace 's mantion that has been converted into a gorgeous luxury boutique  hotel. 

-I would love a romantic getaway at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort

-New York City at Christmas Time (Yes, I've been to NY but never when it's decorated for the holidays- I would love to see it)

-The Hamptons

-New Orleans during Mardi Gras

-Anywhere I could try skiing  (I've never done it in my life, so bear with me...It will be challenging but we can make it fun)


-Tahiti & Bora Bora

-Venice during their famous masquerade carnival 

-Taj Mahal in India

-Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia              

-A Safari in South Africa


-Galapagos Islands

-Egypt , Thailand & The Philippines  (Places I've visited but would love to go back as there's so much to see and do)


Do you have a special place you would like to visit in great company ? Let me know where it is , enquire about my availability and let's make it OUR  special place. 




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