Appointments starting before 10:00 am or after 11:00 pm have a 2 hours  minimum booking  for known as well as new clients


Fetish Modeling Inquiries Are Encouraged!

I provide an extensive menu of fetish modeling.
Learn more about my kinkier side.


Music Makes My Heart Sing and Gets My Body Even Closer to Yours

I adore concerts and musical theater so if that's also a passion of yours, let's enjoy it together

Some of the Las Vegas  events that caught my attention are:


Musical Theater at The Smith Center:

Hamilton- May 29 to June 24

School of Rock - August 7 to 12

Concerts & Shows:

Gwen Stefani -June 27 to  July 21

Dita Von Teese - June 28 -A FAVORITE!

Bruno Mars - July 25 to 28

Shania Twain - August 4

Shakira - September 1 -MY FAVORITE!


Beyond The Obvious

Looking for something different ?

Click HERE to check out my blog post about alternative options of

things to do in Vegas besides  gambling, shows and high end dining







Welcome to a place where secret passions begin and your untamed modeling fantasies never end. 

How wonderful!  You are ready to explore arranging our meeting! Whether you crave the closeness and connection of your own personal confidant or the  indulgence of the darker side of your fantasies, I provide the ultimate fantasy encounter and most exquisite experience you’d ever have.

 Each sensual journey we share is an exploration of our desires and exchange of trust. How deeply we travel down that road is entirely up to you… and I offer a variety of options to design the perfect arrangement.

I provide elite Sweetheart modeling  companionship for the gentleman seeking a no strings affair with the intimacy of a close relationship. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Time spent with me will leave you feeling loved, satisfied and sensually touched in all the right places.

Loving  Sweetheart / Glamour Atmosphere Model 

Head turning beauty. Highly educated. Appropriately intimate. Your perfect professional sweetheart.

1 Hour -  $700
We have met before, and you were left wanting to explore more deeply. Despite your busy schedule, you find yourself making time to meet me. Our sinfully blissful hour is a whirlwind break to unwind and reenergize.

1.5 Hours -  $950
We have met before, and you frequently visit despite your busy schedule. Our encounters leave you breathless, satisfied and craving more still. A glass of wine, a soft gaze over the glasses, and you are enchanted.

2 Hours -  $1,200

(minimum package recommended  for new friends)
Getting to know one another over a flirty cocktail or sip of champagne allows us to become acquainted while building anticipation. Our time together will be marked by a deeper connection and a lingering bit of bliss. You will definitely be back for more.

3  Hours /4 Hours  Lunch or Dinner Meeting-  $1,600 / $2000

 Social time / drinks or meal + up to 2 hours of modeling for a private event. . If interested in 3-4 Hours indoors with mini bar or room service refreshments but no time spent outside of the event-your location or mine) rates are $2,000/ $2,400)

An unrushed affair is a certain path to a deeper connection and presents the ideal arrangement. A shared meal or promenade stroll allow us the opportunity to progress toward our ultimate fantasy at the perfect pace.

6  Hours/ 8 Hours  - $2,600 / $3200

The possibilities are almost endless with extended options. From concerts to gambling and corporate events, we can occupy ourselves in every way imaginable! The memories we create will last a lifetime to linger over.

12 Hours / 18 Hours  “Sinful overnight”  -  $4,000  /$5,000

The sun will set on our anticipation and rise on our satisfaction. Spending the night working together allows us to sprinkle our intensity with relaxing breaks and lots of laughter. (These packages require a minimum of 6  hours of sleep)

24 Hours  “No clock, total enjoyment”  -  $5,500

You seek the most luxurious of escapes and you are willing to indulge in your own well-deserved pleasure. Our seemingly endless adventure will capture our memories into the vacation you have always dreamed of taking… and leave you planning an even longer escape for our next meeting! (This package requires a minimun of 8 hours sleep )

Friday to Sunday "Weekend Delight"  or 48 Hours During The Week- $9000

Allow me to become your sensual shelter and holiday muse. A weekend with me is worth every bit of the investment in nurturing your weekday well-being.  Let’s escape together into a wanton weekend that we will remember forever.

Additional Day (after first 48 hours)  -  $3000 per  day

Build your own couture package with additional days at my incentivized rate and let’s design our shared adventure!

Please note that on Multi Day  Packages I appreciate a minimum of 8 hours of uninterrrupted  sleep per night and  2-3 hours of personal time per day to go to the gym, take a relaxing bath, check emails- do my personal things to ensure that during our time together I am fully recharged , fresh and have all my attention on you 

(Seasonal) 3-4 Hour "Las Vegas Summer Hotel Pool Special "   - $1000 ~$1200

Everyone knows a Brazilian goddess claims the sun as her deity… so I’ve created the perfect package to share my sun worshipping with you! This is a special arrangement that is weather permitting and must be scheduled to start between the hours of 11 and 3pm. Weather must be sunny and between 70 - 110 degrees f.  90 minutes/ 2 hours  poolside at your preferred hotel, followed by  shower and air conditioned private event.


Skinny-Dipping  In My Private Pool /Spa  (My Location) -Sweetheart or Fetish  rates apply according to total lenghth of event and modeling  preferences

There's no better way to start our meeting than swimming and relaxing in my private  pool and spa . Being a private property, dress code can be very flexible.  Let's sip  some wine while teasing each other &  building antecipation  for our  delicious air conditioned private event  .


Arm Candy- Social Time Only Packages  - $300/ Hour  (This package is entirely spent on public areas and does not include private event time)
Only Available in Las Vegas

If you're not ready for the main event  but are still dying to meet me.  

Catch the fire in my eyes and the grin on my lips as we engage in salacious banter over coffee, drinks, a light lunch or a decadent dinner. Contemplate the depth of our mutual desire as we sip cocktails and build anticipation for a future tryst. 

This is the perfect option  for the gentleman that is not ready for a private meeting  but would love my delightful company as the perfect conversationalist and arm candy  for activities as  lunch,  dinner,  gambling,  spa days,  company events,  award ceremonies,  sightseeing   and wherever our imagination takes us

Couture packages for longer engagements available and encouraged. Please inquire.


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