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I am very grateful for everything life brought me. From the amazing people in my life (many that got to me via my escort life), my fur babies to the nice things I now have. It hasn't always been easy but I was very blessed to always have been able to find help when I most needed it.

I believe in giving back and make montly donations to non profit organizations. Every year I donate a bigger part of my earnings for the month of December to an organization that will help less fortunate ones to have a happier Holiday season. The fact that this year I am not working during this period won't allow me to make the big donation  that I wish I could . Many of you are so generous and shower me with pretty gifts. This year, I would love for my friends , lovers and admirers to instead of sending me Christmas gifts, to make a donation to t The Center for Violence Free Relationships, a small non profit organization that supports domestic violence victims . This organization helps them with food, free counseling, legal advise and housing among other necessities. 

 Unfortunately DV is still very present in our society and many times the victims have to leave their homes with phisical injuries, a broken heart & soul and without any personal belongings or money. Your donation will help them have a happier Christmas and start the new year in a better tone. Your generosity will warm my heart and put a smile on my face (I'd be delighted to receive a copy of your donation email/screenshot as a gift- no need to add my name to it- you can claim it for taxes) .

Thank you for your donation (no amoutn is too small)

Happy Holidays!

Delightfully Yours, 






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